Everything about Instagram Reels

History of Instagram reel

The Instagram platform introduced Instagram reels last November. Its beta version was rolled out in Brazil, which contributed to its initial success. The reel feature was later introduced to Germany, France, and India Instagram users.

The initial November upgrade is about to celebrate its first anniversary this year. However, the previous month of August, the beta upgrade was published officially. These were marketed as “15 second short videos with original transition selection and visual effects.”

What is an Instagram reel?

Instagram reels are similar to the TikTok feature. In the previous pandemic-stricken year, TikTok became the most downloaded application in the first half of the year. Its usage also skyrocketed, with its popularity growing among the newer generation. TikTok also forced the other social media to evolve too. The application was coined the most creative video editing application,allowing users to play with filters, green screen, and background noises such as narrations and sound effects.

TikTok managed to revolutionize digital social media platforms. Therefore, it was only evident the competitors followed suit. Instagram decided to battle its users switching to TikTok by offering the new Reel feature. Instagram reels are full of potential and can reach millions of users if done right. It has been continuously used by influencers and creators to voice their creativity. Here is how you can make an Instagram reel

  • Unlock the phone and open the phone menu.
  • Click on the Instagram icon.
  • Open the camera.
  • The three options available will be photo, live, or reel.
  • Swipe to reel until it becomes the active option.
  • The left handside will provide editing tools such as audio, speed, filters, etc.
  • You can now create a custom video to entertain your audience or make a personal message for your close friends or family.

The editing features


Instagram reels allow you to introduce bursts of audio by searching from the music library. You can only choose songs from what is available. The user cannot import songs or edit the video with custom narrations as proposed by TikTok.

Augmented reality

The new form of reality that combines VR and AR is finally here! The term is used to introduce XR technology. Instagram has introduced AR filters with many filters to capture the attention of the users.


It was much awaited, and it is finally here. You can now record on Instagram hands-free. Rest the phone against the wall or any flat surface and create videos and tutorials to boost your online presence and following. You can also set a timer to prepare yourself with the setting and background before the reel starts recording. The timer begins at three seconds once you click to record.


The align feature is handy. You can use alignment to ensure the transitions are smooth and your video creations are not skipping frames. If you wish to come as a professional, your social media platform needs to deliver.


Slow down or speed up the video. It’s your choice. You can increase the speed of a few particular frames and keep the rest of the video at a normal playback speed. How cool is that! The same speeding feature applies to audio too.


After you have completed the editing and run the reel in the story mode before publishing, it is time to release it to the audience. You can buy Instagram reels likes to further facilitate your reels appearing on the Instagram explore page. Social media influencing isa very lucrative profession, so why not grabs it by the horns? It is time to take charge and grow your career with social media by gaining a following.