Let’s Teach You How to Create Your First Instagram Reel

You only think creating an Instagram reel is challenging and complex because you have not done it before. The new feature has come with the latest updated so let’s learn how to use it.

How to make Instagram reels?

  • Open the Instagram application from the phone menu.
  • Open the camera tab.
  • Three options will appear. Choose the reel option.
  • A few options will appear on the left handside, such as music, efforts, timer, and speed.

Here is a precise breakdown of their use.


The music will take you to the Instagram library, where you can choose a song from an exhaustive list of music releases. You cannot record your own audio yet.  However, according to a little birdie who told us about the future updates, the feature is on its way.


You can also change the reel speed. Assuming you do not want the viewers to lose interest, which you don’t, you can speed up the video. You may want to make up by explaining the content in the description, so there is no confusion.

AR effects

The AR affects a part of the XR technologies that introduce real-life avatars into the editing process. The feature will immensely increase the quality of the content and put you on the map as a creator on the rise.


Annoyed you can’t decide on the video length? Preset it to bring ease into the recording. You can also make the videos hands-free by propping up the phone on a tripod. We hear that’s how everyone does it!

  • Once you have chosen the settings, it is time to record the video. Hold it up or make it hands-free. The virtual world is your creative canvas. You can also select a pre-recorded video from the gallery if you so choose.
  • Don’t like the reel you made? You can get rid of the reel by clicking on delete.
  • After you agree with the final draft, tap on next.
  • You can add on GIFs to make the content even more attractive. Consider adding emoji stickers too.
  • Now preview the video and see if everything is precisely how you wanted it.
  • The final step involves adding the caption, hashtag, and geo-tagging the reel.
  • Share.

Instagram Algorithm

If you want your reel creations to feature on the Instagram explore page, there may be a few things to consider. The algorithm studies the display and quality to determine whether it reaches the explore page or not. Your following and the people they follow are more likely to appear on the explore page.

You may want to engage with the people you do follow to reciprocate engagement. You can like, heart, and comment to boost your digital presence. You must also understand what your audience is searching for and what clicks with them.  That is only possible with trial and error. No shame in that!

You can also buy Instagram reel views if you are lacking in engagement. It will result in more engaging conversations with the audience. You can use question and answer stickers or polls to learn more about what the audience is thinking. Creativity knows no bounds, and the same applies to the Instagram reel too.


Most Instagram users are using reels to make themselves known online. Its term of short videos jam-packed with knowledge and information is far better than going live or even uploading a YouTube video. If you are an influencer, we suggest hopping on the short’s train to success. No use taking on the challenge when the trend has passed.  You must take risks to build a strong relationship with the audience with a few video editing skills.